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La Paloma by Yradier. Sheet music for Alto Sax, page 1.

Yradier - La Paloma

Sheet music for alto sax

Info: "La Paloma" is a popular Spanish song that has been produced and reinterpreted in diverse cultures, settings, arrangements, and recordings over the last 140 years. "La Paloma" was extremely popular in both Spain and the Americas (especially Mexico), where it was responsible for the great popularity achieved by the habanera. The UNAM Radio (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) has pointed out that there are more than one thousand versions of "La Paloma", and that, together with "Yesterday" by The Beatles, it is one of the most recorded songs in the history of music.
Date: 1863
Artist: Sebastián Yradier
Born: 20 January 1809, Lanciego
Died: 6 December 1865, Álava
The artist: Sebastián Iradier Salaverri (Salaberri) or Sebastián Yradier, was a Spanish Basque composer. His publisher in Paris urged him to "universalize" his name, from Iradier to Yradier. He is known primarily for his habaneras.
Instrument: Alto Sax
Key: G major
Range: A4 - C6
Time signature: 2/4
Tempo: 76 BPM
Duration: 1:19
Pages: 1
Difficulty: Easy
Style: Popular

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