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Wedding March from Lohengrin by Wagner. Sheet music for Violin, page 1.

Wagner - Wedding March from Lohengrin

Sheet music for violin

Alt. Title: Bridal Chorus, Treulich geführt
Info: The "Bridal Chorus" ("Treulich geführt" in German), from the opera Lohengrin, is a march played for the bride's entrance at many formal weddings throughout the Western world. In English-speaking countries it is generally known as "Here Comes the Bride" or "Wedding March". The piece was made popular when it was used as the processional at the wedding of Victoria the Princess Royal to Prince Frederick William of Prussia in 1858.
Date: 1850
Artist: Wilhelm Richard Wagner
Born: 22 May 1813, Leipzig
Died: 13 February 1883, Venice
The artist: German composer, theatre director, polemicist, and conductor who is primarily known for his operas. Unlike most opera composers, Wagner wrote both the libretto and the music for each of his stage works. Wagner revolutionised opera through his concept of the Gesamtkunstwerk ("total work of art").
Instrument: Violin
Key: Bb major
Range: D4 - G6
Time signature: 2/4
Tempo: 90 BPM
Duration: 2:22
Pages: 1
Difficulty: Intermediate
Style: Classical

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