El Choclo (Tango) by Villoldo. Sheet music for Flute, page 1.

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Villoldo - El Choclo (Tango)

Sheet music for flute

Info: "El Choclo" (The Corn Cob) is a popular tango written by an Argentine musician, Ángel Villoldo. Allegedly written in honour of and taking its title from the nickname of the proprietor of a nightclub, who was known as "El Choclo". It is one of the most popular tangos in Argentina.
Date: 1903
Artist: Ángel Villoldo
Born: 16 February 1861, Buenos Aires
Died: 14 October 1919
The artist: Argentine musician and one of the pioneers of tango. He was born south of the city of Buenos Aires. He was lyricist, composer and one of the major singers of the era. He is also known by the pseudonyms A. Gregorio, Fray Pimiento, Gregorio Giménez, Angel Arroyo and Mario Reguero. Villoldo transformed the Spanish tanguillos, the cuplés, and the habaneras, turning that music into a native Argentinian rhythm.
Instrument: Flute
Key: D major
Range: F#4 - E6
Time signature: 2/4
Tempo: 64 BPM
Duration: 2:15
Pages: 2
Difficulty: Advanced
Style: Popular
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