Ave Maria by Vavilov. Sheet music for Violin, page 1.

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Vavilov - Ave Maria

Sheet music for violin

Info: "Ave Maria" is a much recorded aria composed by Vladimir Vavilov around 1970. Vavilov himself published and recorded it on the Melodiya label with the ascription to "Anonymous" in 1970. It is believed that the work received an ascription to Giulio Caccini after Vavilov's death, by organist Mark Shakhin, who gave the scores to other musicians; then in an arrangement made by the organist Oleg Yanchenko for the recording by Irina Arkhipova in 1987, after which the piece came to be famous worldwide.
Date: 1970
Artist: Vladimir Fyodorovich Vavilov
Born: 5 May 1925
Died: 11 March 1973
The artist: Russian guitarist, lutenist and composer. He was a student of P. Isakov (guitar) and Iogann Admoni (composition) at the Rimski-Korsakov Music College in Leningrad. He played an important part in the early music revival in the Soviet Union.
Instrument: Violin
Key: C major
Range: B3 - A5
Time signature: 4/4
Tempo: 72 BPM
Duration: 4:01
Pages: 2
Difficulty: Easy
Style: Classical
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