Concerto in D (II. Allegro) by Telemann. Sheet music for Trumpet, page 1.

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Telemann - Concerto in D (II. Allegro)

Sheet music for trumpet

Alt. Title: Concerto in D major for trumpet, violins, and basso continuo
Info: Composed before the composer moved to Hamburg in 1721 to take up the duties of music director of the latter city's five largest churches, Georg Philipp Telemann's only concerto for trumpet, the Concerto in D major for trumpet, violins, and basso continuo, is a great piece. It is among the first solo trumpet concertos created by a German composer. The Telemann concerto might not sound particularly demanding or flashy comparing with some of the music written for solo trumpet nowadays. However, we must bear in mind that Telemann's solo instrument was not the facile modern valved trumpet but rather the longer valveless Baroque trumpet -- an instrument with a comparatively limited selection of pitches at the ready (essentially the overtone series). The concerto has four movements. On Allegro the music grows faster and more exhausting, the violins leap on these opportunities to grab the theme. This piece was transposed from D major to Bb (C in written staff) to fit Bb trumpet range.
Opus number: TWV 51:D7
Date: 1710-1720
Artist: Georg Philipp Telemann
Born: 14 March 1681, Magdeburg
Died: 25 June 1767, Hamburg
The artist: German Baroque composer and multi-instrumentalist. Almost completely self-taught in music, he became a composer against his family's wishes. After studying in Magdeburg, Zellerfeld, and Hildesheim, Telemann entered the University of Leipzig to study law, but eventually settled on a career in music. Telemann was and still is one of the most prolific composers in history and was considered by his contemporaries to be one of the leading German composers of the time
Instrument: Trumpet
Key: C major
Range: C4 - A5
Time signature: 4/4
Tempo: 106 BPM
Duration: 1:57
Pages: 2
Difficulty: Advanced
Style: Classical
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