Lièto così talvolta from Adriano in Siria by Pergolesi. Sheet music for Recorder, page 1.

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Pergolesi - Lièto così talvolta from Adriano in Siria

Sheet music for recorder

Info: Aria from act I, scene XVI of Pergolesi's opera based on the libretto Adriano in Siria (Hadrian in Syria) by Italian poet Metastasio in 1732. The libretto have been turned into an opera by at least 60 other composers during the next century. Metastasio based the background of the story on late Classical works by Cassius Dio (Book 19 of the Roman History) and Elio Sparziano (Vita Hadriani Caesaris).
Date: 1734
Artist: Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
Born: 4 January 1710, Jesi
Died: 16 March 1736, Pozzuoli
The artist: Italian composer, violinist and organist. Pergolesi was one of the most important early composers of opera buffa (comic opera). Pergolesi wrote a number of secular instrumental works, including a violin sonata and a violin concerto. A considerable number of instrumental and sacred works once attributed to Pergolesi have since been shown to be misattributed.
Instrument: Recorder
Key: C major
Range: C5 - C7
Time signature: 4/4
Tempo: 33 BPM
Duration: 5:06
Pages: 2
Difficulty: Advanced
Style: Classical
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