Ouverture from Suite in A minor by Telemann. Sheet music for Flute, page 1.

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Telemann - Ouverture from Suite in A minor

Sheet music for flute

Alt. Title: Ouverture-Suite
Info: First movement (Ouverture) of Ouverture-Suite in A minor, TWV 55:a2, for flute and strings. Even in a quite cosmopolitan body of work, Georg Philipp Telemann's Suite stands out for its prolific sampling of the various musics known to the composer. The first movement is in the French style, its opening slow section features the long-short snap rhythm prominently and has a processional feel about it due partly to the unison playing of flute and strings for most of its length. The tempo soon rushes forward with a new theme, introduced in a fugato in the strings; the flute then elaborates upon this theme, supported by a bare violin line or by the continuo. The overture closes with the customary altered and abbreviated repeat of the slow section.
Opus number: TWV 55:a2, Mvt. 1
Artist: Georg Philipp Telemann
Born: 14 March 1681, Magdeburg
Died: 25 June 1767, Hamburg
The artist: German Baroque composer and multi-instrumentalist. Almost completely self-taught in music, he became a composer against his family's wishes. After studying in Magdeburg, Zellerfeld, and Hildesheim, Telemann entered the University of Leipzig to study law, but eventually settled on a career in music. Telemann was and still is one of the most prolific composers in history and was considered by his contemporaries to be one of the leading German composers of the time
Instrument: Flute
Key: C major
Range: E4 - F6
Time signature: 4/4
Tempo: 66 BPM
Duration: 11:46
Pages: 5
Difficulty: Advanced
Style: Classical
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