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O Canada. Sheet music for Violin, page 1.

O Canada

Sheet music for violin

Info: "O Canada" is the national anthem of Canada. It was composed by Calixa Lavallée, originally commissioned by Lieutenant Governor of Quebec Théodore Robitaille for the 1880 Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day ceremony. "O Canada" had served as a de facto national anthem since 1939, officially becoming Canada's national anthem in 1980 when the Act of Parliament making it so received Royal Assent and became effective on July 1 as part of that year's Dominion Day celebrations.
Date: 1880
Artist: Calixa Lavallée
Instrument: Violin
Key: G major
Range: F#4 - G5
Time signature: 4/4
Tempo: 100 BPM
Duration: 1:07
Pages: 1
Difficulty: Easy
Style: Anthem

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