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I Saw Three Ships. Sheet music for Recorder, page 1.

I Saw Three Ships

Sheet music for recorder

Alt. Title: I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In
Info: "I Saw Three Ships (Come Sailing In)" is a traditional and popular Christmas carol from England. The lyrics mention the ships sailing into Bethlehem, but the nearest body of water is the Dead Sea about 20 miles (32 km) away. The reference to three ships is thought to originate in the three ships that bore the purported relics of the Biblical magi to Cologne Cathedral in the 12th century. Another possible reference is to Wenceslaus II, King of Bohemia, who bore a coat of arms "Azure three galleys argent".
Date: 17th century
Artist: Anonymus
Instrument: Recorder
Key: G major
Range: D5 - D6
Time signature: 6/8
Tempo: 86 BPM
Duration: 0:22
Pages: 1
Difficulty: Easy
Style: Traditional

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