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Volver by Carlos Gardel. Sheet music for Flute, page 1.

Carlos Gardel - Volver

Sheet music for flute

Info: Volver is a tango which was composed and performed by Carlos Gardel. Its lyricist was Alredo Le Pera. The song has been covered by multiple singers.
Date: 1935
Artist: Carlos Gardel
Born: 11 December 1890
Died: 24 June 1935
The artist: French Argentine singer, songwriter, composer and actor, and the most prominent figure in the history of tango. Gardel's baritone voice and the dramatic phrasing of his lyrics made miniature masterpieces of his hundreds of three-minute tango recordings.
Instrument: Flute
Key: Bb major
Range: D4 - Bb5
Time signature: 2/4
Tempo: 56 BPM
Duration: 2:42
Pages: 1
Difficulty: Intermediate
Style: Popular

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