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Deck the Halls. Sheet music for Recorder, page 1.

Deck the Halls

Sheet music for recorder

Info: "Deck the Halls" is a traditional Christmas and New Years' carol. The melody is Welsh dating back to the sixteenth century, and belongs to a winter carol, "Nos Galan", while the English lyrics date to 1862. The English lyrics first appeared (still called "Nos Galan") in volume 2 of Welsh Melodies, a set of four volumes authored by John Thomas with Welsh words by John Jones (Talhaiarn) and English words by the Scottish musician Thomas Oliphant, although the repeated "fa la la" goes back to the original Welsh "Nos Galan" and may originate from medieval ballads.
Artist: Anonymus
Instrument: Recorder
Key: F major
Range: E5 - F6
Time signature: 4/4
Tempo: 110 BPM
Duration: 0:34
Pages: 1
Difficulty: Beginner
Style: Traditional
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