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Ecossaise WoO 86 by Beethoven. Sheet music for Violin, page 1.

Beethoven - Ecossaise WoO 86

Sheet music for violin

Info: Écossaise for piano in E-flat major WoO 86
Opus number: WoO 86
Date: 1825
Artist: Ludwig van Beethoven
Born: 15/16 December 1770 , Bonn
Died: 26 March 1827 , Vienna
The artist: One of the greatest and most radical composers of all time. A tormented genius, who went deaf in later life and never heard his final works. His nine symphones are probably his greatest achievement, each one an unrivalved masterpiece, but he also wrote 5 piano concertos, piano sonatas, string quartets and one opera, Fidelio.
Instrument: Violin
Key: D major
Range: G4 - G5
Time signature: 2/4
Tempo: 120 BPM
Duration: 0:48
Pages: 1
Difficulty: Intermediate
Style: Classical
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