Cello Sonata No.3 (II. Scherzo Allegro molto) by Beethoven. Sheet music for Cello, page 1.

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Beethoven - Cello Sonata No.3 (II. Scherzo Allegro molto)

Sheet music for cello

Alt. Title: Sonate pour violoncelle et piano nº 3; Tšellosonaat nr 3 (Beethoven); Cellosonate Nr. 3;
Info: Completed in 1808, in the same year as his Fifth and Sixth Symphonies, Beethoven's Cello Sonata No. 3 in A Major, op. 69, bears the title "Inter Lacrimas et Luctum," (Amidst tears and sadness). Although this richly melodic work does not immediately sound sad to the listener, there is some melancholy behind its reflective lyricism. The Scherzo, branded Allegro molto, finds the two instruments swapping fragments of a syncopated melody, swinging from A minor to E minor and C major until he stumbles across a more musical trio section with sweeping dynamic contrasts and a bass drone. This entire structure repeats itself, with the final appearance of the scherzo itself escaping from pizzicati to cello.
Opus number: Op. 69
Date: 1808
Artist: Ludwig van Beethoven
Born: 15/16 December 1770 , Bonn
Died: 26 March 1827 , Vienna
The artist: One of the greatest and most radical composers of all time. A tormented genius, who went deaf in later life and never heard his final works. His nine symphones are probably his greatest achievement, each one an unrivalved masterpiece, but he also wrote 5 piano concertos, piano sonatas, string quartets and one opera, Fidelio.
Instrument: Cello
Key: C major
Range: E2 - E5
Time signature: 3/4
Tempo: 300 BPM
Duration: 5:11
Pages: 6
Difficulty: Advanced
Style: Classical
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