Frequently Asked Questions

What is toplayalong.com?

We offer interactive sheet music with audio backtracks to play along. The included instruments so far are violin, flute, descant recorder, trumpet, and more.

Is this site free?

Part of the resources available is free. If you want full access to the website you must own a Premium Membership.

What are the benefits of being a Premium Member?

For $24 per year, Premium Members have unlimited play-along tracks and unlimited download of the printable PDF solo parts of all our pieces.

Can I use the website’s scores in a presentation?

Yes, we allow our users to use the music scores from the website for non-commercial presentations. Although, copyright can be a very complex matter and it varies from country to country. If you want to play one of the few post-1900 pieces that we host please inform yourself about the copyright status of the piece in your country. For sheet music, one must distinguish two kinds of copyright, the copyright of the musical work and the copyright of the edition. Almost all of the music we have on the site is old enough to be clearly in the public domain worldwide. Although, we hold the copyright for all visual and audible content of the website. In addition, all the songs on the site have an original musical arrangement created by our team, so we also own the copyright on these original arrangements.