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Kujawiak in A minor by Wieniawski. Sheet music for Violin, page 1.

Wieniawski - Kujawiak in A minor

Sheet music for violin

Info: Mazurka in A minor, Op. 3 No. 2 "Kujawiak"
Date: 1853
Artist: Henryk Wieniawski
Born: 10 July 1835, Lublin
Died: 31 March 1880, Moscow
The artist: Polish violinist of great ability and composer. He wrote important works in the violin repertoire, including technically demanding violin pieces. What is commonly called the "Russian bow grip" is sometimes called the "Wieniawski bow grip", as Wieniawski taught his students his own kind of very rigid bowing technique (like the Russian grip).
Instrument: Violin
Key: A minor
Range: G3 - A5
Time signature: 3/4
Tempo: 86 BPM
Duration: 2:23
Pages: 2
Difficulty: Intermediate
Style: Classical

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