Debussy - La fille aux cheveux de lin

Sheet music for violin

Alt. Title: The Girl with the Flaxen Hair
Info: The piece is the eighth in Debussy's first book of Préludes. The title is in French and translates roughly to "The Girl with the Flaxen Hair". The piece, named after the eponymous poem by Leconte de Lisle, is known for its musical simplicity, a divergence from Debussy's style at the time. Completed in January 1910, it was published three months later and premiered in June of that same year. The prelude is one of the most recorded pieces of Debussy's, both in its original version and in subsequent various arrangements.
Opus number: CD 125 ; L. 117 No. 8
Date: 1910
Artist: Claude Debussy
Born: 22 August 1862, Saint-Germain-en-Laye
Died: 25 March 1918, Paris
The artist: French composer. one of the most prominent figures associated with Impressionist music, though he himself disliked the term when applied to his compositions. Debussy was among the most influential composers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and his use of non-traditional scales and chromaticism influenced many composers who followed.
Instrument: Violin
Key: G major
Range: G3 - G6
Time signature: 3/4
Tempo: 66 BPM
Duration: 1:48
Pages: 2
Difficulty: Intermediate
Style: Classical

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